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AI (All in) – All inclusive.

B/L – Bill of lading – acts as a receipt for the cargo and contains the terms of the contract of carriage and is a document of title to the goods.

BAF – Bunker Adjustment Factor. Freight adjustment factor to reflect current cost of bunkers.

CAF – Currency adjustment factor – adjusts the freight to reflect currency exchange fluctuations.

CBM – Cubic Metre.

CFS – Container Freight Station – a place for the packing and unpacking of

LCL (see below) consignments.

CONSIGNEE – Person to whom something is consigned or shipped and entitled to take delivery. CY - Container Yard – collection and distribution point for FCL (see below) containers.

DC – Dry container.

DEMURRAGE – a charge raised for detaining a vessel, cargo or FCL or carrier’s containers and/or trailers for a longer period than provided for in the tariff or contract.

ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival – indicates the estimation of the data/hour, the carrier believes the cargo, vessel or container will arrive at a nominated point/port.

ETD – Estimated Time of Departure (see ETA).

FCL – Full container Load – an arrangement whereby the shipper utilizes all the space in a container which he packs himself.

FEEDER VESSEL – a short-sea vessel used to fetch and carry goods and containers to and from deep-sea ports/vessels.

FI – Free In – loading is at consigner’s cost.

FO – Free Out – discharging is at consigner’s cost.

HC – High Cube Container.

LCL – Less than Container Load – when a parcel is too small to fill a container which is grouped be the carrier at a CFS with other compatible goods for the same destination.

LI – Liner In- Loading is at liner cost

LO – Liner Out – Discharging is at liner cost/

POD – Place Of Delivery – the place where goods are deliv ered and carrier’s liability ends.

POL – Port Of Loading.

RF (REF, Reefer) – A refrigerated container.

SHIPPER – the person who tenders the goods for the carriage, not to be confused with the party issuing the bill of lading or the vessel’s operator who is the carrier.

TEU – Twenty-Foot Equivalent Unit – i.e.1x20ft=1TEU, 1x40ft=2 TEU.

THC – Terminal Handling Charge – a charge for handling container at the ocean terminals.

TRANSHIPMENT - Transfer of containers from one vessel to another vessel. Synonymous with Transloading.